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The NVR Association is a professional body that aims to promote and develop the practice of NVR as a psychological intervention. The Association provides a forum for practitioners of all levels to collaborate, share and develop their practice of NVR in order to ensure high standards.

The NVR Association also acts as an independent accrediting body for the practice of NVR, regulating clinical practice, supervision and training against standardised criteria. We welcome parents and caregivers who have current or past experience of using the approach with their young people to become members as well as anyone with a keen interest in the approach.


NVRA is an unincorporated organisation.

As an umbrella organisation for the practice of NVR, NVRA is a body comprised of two kinds of membership:​


These are people who either practice NVR as professionals or take an interest in the proliferation or good governance of the approach.


These are organisations that provide training in the approach to practitioners who use NVR in their delivery of services to clients. Clients of such practitioners are individuals, families, groups of individuals, organisational teams, schools, communities, and other social groupings, which can benefit from clinical or social interventions utilising the approach. Constituent organisations may also provide direct professional/clinical services in NVR to service users. Constituent organisations can be statutory organisations, incorporated businesses, or unincorporated associations with a name and membership list, non-for-profit organisations, or registered charities.

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